I have had the pleasure of working with Jolynne Roorda since meeting her in 2002 for the design of the first of three websites she has created for me. As the owner of a Pilates studio, I had been searching for someone who could translate my work and my vision. Websites were new, and until I met Jolynne, I had been unsuccessful. After only one meeting, it was clear that not only did she understand what I was looking for, but she could take my words and materialize them into an amazing website. Because of this, my business and reputation in my industry grew tremendously.

As my studio and my direction in my industry grew, the second website that Jolynne created emphasized this. Her choice of design and color added to the presence I wanted to show with this website. I can't say how many times fellow studios have contacted me for my web designer's info!

With my current website, I asked Jolynne to help me rebrand myself. She has created a website that focuses entirely on me, my philosophy and my skills. It is gorgeous and my favorite. I am now on a new phase of my career and credit much of my success to my web presence thanks to Jolynne's current and creative design.

- Melanie Johnson, Pilates Instructor (formerly Powerflow Pilates)

After using four different designers for various business projects in the early 2000’s, I found Jolynne nine years ago, and I’ve been with her ever since. Her artistic sensibilities, her programming chops, her inter-personal communication skills – all make her a truly unusual service provider, and more importantly, a trusted partner. She has played a huge part in the growth of my consulting practice.

On my recommendation, she has also done websites for many of my clients, all of whom are successful attorneys, and all of whom are as happy with her and her results as I am.

You can find plenty of designers and design firms that charge less, and plenty that charge more. But you won’t have a better experience or get better results from anyone at any price.

- Bill Jawitz, SuccessTrack, LLC

It is a great pleasure to recommend Folk Theory LLC. Before beginning work on our two websites, Jolynne devoted a lot of time tounderstanding what we do, who our clients are and how we’re different. Throughout the process, she made excellent suggestions. Jolynne is not only a gifted artist. She also has excellent “marketing sense.” In addition to the websites, Jolynne has designed client handouts and a template for e-newsletters. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for world class graphic design.

- Attorney Jeffrey L. Crown, Trustlawyer, LLC

I’d like to personally that the entire staff at Folk Theory for creating a beautiful website for our business. We were in desperate need of a high-functioning, attractive, customer friendly website, which would provide our business with the capability to store large quantities of data. Folk Theory absolutely nailed it for us. Your professionalism and patience with our entire staff was remarkable, and we would enthusiastically recommend you to any business that’s interested in creating a strong web presence. In the first three months since the launch, we’ve fielded hundreds of complements from our customers remarking on its user friendliness and attractive design. Thank you so much.

We’ll be calling again once our services cross over to soccer, softball, and lacrosse.

- Bill Asermely, Executive Director, Northeast Baseball School

Working with Jolynne was so easy. She's almost like a mind reader. She knows what is essential in targeting audience and creating flow to the traffic. Ever since the launch of the new website, unique visitors tripled and I had more people interested in my work as a filmmaker and artist. I believe this is largely due to the fact that my website is easy to navigate, interact, and explore. The design is truly beautiful and welcoming to all. I intend to work with Folk Theory again. They are a must!

- Maria Yoon, Artist, a.k.a. Maria the Korean Bride

I’ve used Folk Theory for two website designs. In each case the end result was a well thought out site that is both attractive and compelling to visit. Clients have given us positive feedback, as well. It was especially helpful to work with someone with a good sense of design and layout and not just a code programmer.

- Peter C. Herbst, Jr., Esq. LL.M., Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C.